Childrens Fundraising Mugs

(MP01) Standard white Polymer mug $13ea

These custom printed fundraising mugs are an ideal way to promote your school and raise funds. They are a long lasting and popular gift for the children to take home to the family. Great and safe for kids, as they won't break if dropped

When printing onto this mug, as the background is not white, the colour of the mug will become the background of the drawing/painting or image.

Single black drawings works best with this type of mug.

  • Full colour polymer (unbreakable) 11oz coffee mug
  • Guaranteed for 3000 dishwasher cycles
  • Safe to use in the microwave
  • Will not scratch, peel or rub off
  • Comes in a white gift box
  • Available in Red, light blue, light green, pink and yellow

Our Fundraisers are easy to organise and will reward you with a good profit for your school

Cost $13 per mug - Sell $18.00 - $24.00 per mug
Profit between $5.00 - $11.00 per mug

eg. SOLD 40 Mugs at $20.00 per mug
PROFIT = $280



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